Survey lists Oman as safest and friendliest country

05 Sep 2019

Oman ranked in first place in the Safety & Security sub-category from the annual Expat Insider survey. In addition, the country was listed as the friendliest. 

The survey, carried out by InterNations found that ‘Not one respondent rates the peacefulness of the country [Oman] negatively (0% vs 10% globally), ranking the country first for Safety & Security, and almost every expat feels safe there (96% vs 81% globally).’ Participated in the research were 182 nationalities, represented by 20,259 expats who live in 187 countries. The study would eventually determine 64 global destinations for expats. 

It was said, ‘Nearly nine in ten (86%) are also happy with the political stability (vs 61% globally). A Jordanian expat explains that Oman is ‘peaceful and has a great friendly atmosphere.’ The Arab country was placed at the 32nd place. 

Whilst placing in the 35th place for the quality of life, Oman topped the list in terms of friendliness. The report stated, ‘‘Nearly nine in ten (87%) think that the attitude towards foreign residents is welcoming, and 90% find the population generally friendly (vs 65% and 68% globally, respectively). This is just one of the reasons that helped Oman get sixth place out of 64 countries in the Ease of Settling In Index.’ 

Taiwan, Vietnam, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Singapore, Bahrain, Ecuador, Malaysia and the Czech Republic were placed in the top 10.