Oman predicts a busy winter season at Khasab port

24 Sep 2019

Oman is expecting a busy winter season as over 70 cruise ships are estimated to be visiting Khasab port. Last year, the winter season saw 134,404 tourists visiting Khasab – all coming from the 63 cruise ships that visited the port. 

Whilst speaking to the Times of Oman, the head of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry branch in Musandam Governorate, Raed Al Shehhi announced, ‘We expect more than 70 cruise ships from the largest cruise companies in the world, carrying tourists from different countries, to visit the port of Khasab in the winter tourist season of 2019/2020, with the first ship scheduled to arrive on 26 October 2019. The last tourists of the season will arrive on April 16, 2020.’ 

Al Shehhi explained how by working with different entities has helped Oman attract more visitors, ‘For the second year in a row, the Musandam Chamber will set up the Musandam Chamber Tourist station at the port after its success last year. We work in coordination with Khasab Port, Royal Oman Police, Tourism Department, Ministry of Manpower, Khasab Municipality and others to organise the port work in a civilized manner and solve many negative phenomena such as hidden trade and unlicensed employment in the tourism sector, which targets tourists coming through cruise ships to Khasab port.’ 

The Khasab port has also set a record this summer, with the first ever summer season for cruise ships coming from the Indian subcontinent.