Oman jumps 14 places on competitiveness index

10 Jan 2019

conferenceOman jumped 14 spots in the World Competitiveness Report, marking the highest rank increase worldwide and ranking at 47th place. Dr. Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Barwani, CEO of the Statistics and Information Centre (SIC) of Oman’s National Office of Competitiveness, pointed this out during the second meeting of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) Evenings held at the head office of OCCI, regarding ‘Enhancing Competitiveness of the Sultanate’.

As the Times of Oman reports, Dr. Khalifa bin Abdullah Al Barwani added that Oman was the only country in the GCC States which advanced its ranking in the 2018 competitiveness report.

More than 140 countries are taken into consideration to conjure the results for the World Competitiveness Report. It is released by the World Economic Forum on a yearly basis and data is based on the international competitiveness criteria.

The opinion polls and the information obtained from international organisations are the two mechanisms relied upon to provide the report’s data.