Oman celebrates Renaissance Day 2018

24 Jul 2018

MuscatYesterday, on the 23rd of July, Oman celebrated Renaissance Day – marking the 48th anniversary of the renaissance under the leadership of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

The 23rd of July 1970 represented a new era for Omani citizens, enabling them to build a better life and contribute to achieving the country’s development goals. Sultan Qaboos has made certain that Omani citizens are the cornerstone in terms of progress, hence having dedicated great effort to developing the skills of citizens, particularly of the youth, instilling confidence and helping them shoulder the responsibility of nation building.

Omani citizens have been the focus of all development plans and programmes over the past 48 years. The country rallied all its energies and resources, both human and material, for building qualified national cadres. Throughout this process of development, equal status has been celebrated amongst women. The access to all levels of education, healthcare and social care has only been beneficial – having pushed forward economic and social welfare and established a united foundation, resulting in the growth of an ideal state that the Omani people have been working towards.

Sultan Qaboos’ determination and dedication to the Omani people, coupled with their drive and devotion, has paved the way for the development march which has transformed Oman into the modern country that it is today.