Oman Air will not cancel Boeing order

30 Jan 2020

Oman Air has confirmed that it will not be cancelling its 737 Max aircraft order from Boeing following the plane being forced to be grounded. However, the Oman airline will be negotiating compensation from Boeing.

The grounding took place around the world 10 months ago, after the second of two deadly crashes involving the model in five months, which killed 346 people. 

There are five 737 Max aircrafts in use in Oman Air’s fleet, with 25 others being expected to be received – until the aircrafts were grounded. 

CEO of parent company Oman Aviation Group (OAG), Mustafa al Hinai stated that the order will not be cancelled. “With Boeing, our relationship is going to continue as it is; there is no change in our relationship”

He continued to say, “Boeing is a very strategic partner of OAG… We ordered 30 aircraft – we’ve received some, and the rest are still to come.” 

“I think Boeing is going to come out with a fair proposal to us.”

Turkish Airlines are in a similar position, having 24 grounded aircrafts and another 75 on order. But the American airline will be compensating financially. 

Furthermore, Oman Air is planning to start offering direct flights to the U.S. in 2022, according to al Hinai. “Flying to the US will happen in through a codeshare in the meantime, but in late 2021, 2022, we’ll be focusing on the US market. Because it’s a very big market. But we need to really understand the market first, it’s very complex, each and every city."

The U.S. destinations were not confirmed.