OPWP to increase electricity power by 2025

24 Jul 2019

Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) stated that Oman will be upgrading its electricity power due to a higher demand. Electricity is to be over 9,400MW and the project is set to be carried out by 2025. 

The northern part of the Sultanate will gain more electrical power and it is expected to grow by 5% every year, going from 6,168MW and goes up to 8,600MW. The statement said, ‘Peak demand growth continues to show the impact of consumer responses to the time-of-use tariffs that were introduced in 2017.’ Furthermore, Dhofar will also be seeing its peak demand grow at around 6% per year, going from 539MW to 827MW in 2025. 

Therefore, Oman will be using more than 9,400MW by the targeted year. The OPWP has also come up with scenarios in which there will be a high demand or a low demand. If there is a low demand, the main interconnected system would increase by 3% each year, thus taking the electricity up to 7,590MW by 2025. The OPWP’s high demand scenario would have an 8% growth per year, thus having an outcome of 10,240MW in 2025. 

The electricity system in Oman has 3 systems, with the main interconnected system being the biggest part, the secondary system being the Dhofar Power and the third system is interconnected with the main interconnected system as well as the Dhofar system. The third part is possessed by a crude oil industry company, Petroleum Development Oman. Rural Areas Electricity Company is another electricity provider, which serves units of a smaller size.