Dhofar Wind Power Project launched

12 Aug 2019

Last week, Oman’s wind farm, the Dhofar Wind Power Project commenced its operation as it started to generate electricity. This allows the country to move towards a renewable approach for power generation as well as making little use of low-carbon emissions. Nama Group’s Tanweer stated that the project, which is based at Harweel in Dhofar Governorate, was started working last week. 

The Dhofar Wind Power Project is made up of a 50MW wind farm of 13 towering wind turbines. The turbines were constructed by GE, partnered with Spain’s TSK. Tanweer will be responsible of Oman’s new wind farm and manage it once completely operational.  

The Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) aims to obtain around 2,200MW of renewable-based electricity capacity by 2025 covering the Main Interconnected System. The electricity output produced from the Dhofar Wind Power Project will be managed by the OPWP. 

Taking a stance against climate change would benefit us all, not only to help in saving our planet and a number of animals, but it will also help in unemployment rates. Having more renewable energy sources and mechanisms would generate a bigger demand and require a bigger workforce. Looking after the natural resources in homes does not only help the environment but also saves money from bills.